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May 2020
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 (IPhone) Predators

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PostSubject: (IPhone) Predators   (IPhone) Predators EmptyThu Apr 28, 2011 9:37 pm

(IPhone) Predators N71urp(IPhone) Predators Ksqht
Release-Date..: 2010/July/16

Quote :

lay as the fearsome Predator in this officially licensed game based on the latest chapter of the hit franchise PREDATORS ? presented by Robert Rodriguez. Hone your killing techniques to lethal precision as you earn full membership in the Predators clan by tracking down and eliminating packs of human killers: mercenaries, assassins, death-squad soldiers, cartel, enforcers, black ops sniper, and more. Take out your targets and claim you trophies ? the head of your human prey ? while unlocking new alien technologies and weaponry to complete the hunt. Strike your targets swiftly and silently, separating them from their group and eliminating them one-by-one. Turn your kills into Achievements, unitizing the fully-integrated Crystal leaderboards to brag about your gruesome victories.

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(IPhone) Predators
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