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 [GUIDE] Flashing your phone with a Custom Firmware

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PostSubject: [GUIDE] Flashing your phone with a Custom Firmware   Sun Feb 27, 2011 7:06 pm

Everyone Wants a Customised Phone and So many wants to have their phones loaded with many features which nokia isnt able to provide and so we Mod the firmwares for you all to provide you a firmware with all the useful and loaded features but it isnt possible for each of you to flash your phone easily as it is a risky task and needs some guidance so here is a guide for all of the users .

1) First Download the Navifirm from HERE!
(NaviFirm Is a software which allows you to download frimwares from nokia websites)

2) Second Download The JAF tool along with Pkey From HERE!
(JAF is a Software which helps you flash you nokia mobile fone)

Extract the Navifirm Anywhere with the use of winrar or any zip archiver and Run it
(You should have Dotnet Framework 2.0 installed in You pc)
You can download framework 2.0 from HERE!

4)Download The original firmware from your phone
(by checking your fone model ie. nokia 5800
and product code ie (0577493) this is located on your mobile under the battery

5)Install Nokia pc suite if you dont have it installed already (Cable Drivers Are installed with them and needed)

6)Now if you have already downloaded the firmware from the navifirm Paste all the files to C:\Program Files\Nokia\phoenix\products\RM-XXX\
(RM-XXX means RM of your phone . It may be RM-625, RM-428 etc. If your RM is RM-625; Then make the folder as 'RM-625')
(IF you have 64 bit OS then paste the files to C:\Program Files (X86)\Nokia\phoenix\products\RM-XXX\

7)Now Extract Nokia Flash tools.rar and Install the JAF tool and now copy the Jaf_nok4models.ini file and Pkey_emulator...exe file to C:\Program Files\Odeon\JAF\ and make the shortcut of Pkey Emulator to your desktop.

8)Now Download the Custom firmware (any of them) From the site and Paste and replace the files in your C:\Program Files\Nokia\phoenix\products\RM-XXX\ Folder .

9)A custom firmware mostly includes 3 files (ROFS2 , ROFS3 , UDA) if any of the file is not having the name like the original files of your firmware then rename them according to your original firmware.

10)Run pkey Emulator from desktop

12) Click OK on the dialog that appears, then When J.A.F will start

13) Go to 'bb5'tab

14) Make it look almost like the picture below
(Tick - Manual Flash, Dead USB ) (Untick - 'CRT 308', Normal mode)
15) Tick 'USE INI'

16) Then a list will appear containing all phone models like the picture below

17)Select The phone Which You want to flash and connect it to your pc after Switching it OFF.

18) Click on flash

19) Then Click YES when a dialog appears like on the picture below

20)Now Just press the Power Button on your phone a little (just for about 1 second).

21)Flashing will start and will complete soon and you'll see a DONE msg in JAF window .

22)Now remove the phone and Take our battery and put it back and switch your phone On.

23)And Now you have a Customised Phone.

NOTE: Instead of process from step 15 you can also use this process

just rename .core.C00 to .c0r first and then untick "use ini" option and then manually select the files
2_ppm: rofs2
3_CNT: rof3
4_APE.: uda

short tutorial Video
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[GUIDE] Flashing your phone with a Custom Firmware
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